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Lightening my heart to create...

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We can choose how to relate to our feelings once we understand that they are temporary. 

We can choose how to relate to our feelings once we understand that they are temporary. 

Usually every morning, I read the Daily Wisdom from my series of books written by my friend Terah.

 It's a way to frame my day based on what the prevailing energy pattern is on a Universal basis, and knowing before my day gets started what flavors I am likely to experience allows me to more fully present as I experience them, offering me an opportunity to gain more wisdom in the process. 

Yesterday, I didn't read the above entry and therefore had no prior knowledge on a conscious basis what that day's energy pattern was. Which is really cool because sometimes I like to review my yesterday to see if that pattern really showed up in a significant way without my being aware of it.

And so this morning, after reading yesterday's wisdom, I thought I would share with you an experience and the insight it afforded me as it relates to our feelings and how we can choose to move on from a horrific experience, learn from it, and transform the learning into something that doesn't give us pain to carry around anymore.

I had a revealing conversation with a new friend of mine where she shared a personal experience that was horrific. It was a matter of life and death, and fortunately, life prevailed.

But after surviving an experience where your personal sovereignty is compromised, you are left with internalizing the fact that it happened to you. 

I have had a few of my own horrific experiences that involved someone else trying to hurt me, on purpose. 

During a particularly bad experience, I remember observing the scenario from a space outside of physicality and time..."I" literally walked through an inner doorway into another place and watched the experience unfold without any emotion. In that space, "I" was able to figure out a way to move my physical container out of harm's way. 

And I did just that.

Some people choose to stay with the pain and humiliation, the disbelief and the fear after these experiences. 

Others move on with their lives, understanding that what was done to them physically is now over. The villain can't touch the inner you unless you provide them the door to enter. 

Fortunately, my new friend and I both came to the same conclusion that we can choose how to feel about the experiences in our lives that were painful at the time...but that we don't have to carry the pain with us into our futures. 

We can choose how to feel about them right now. 

Lightening my heart was the key to my own recovery from a life and death situation perpetrated by some that didn't know 'me'...I was just a random person that they decided to use for their own sick purposes. 

And I was able to have an extreme experience that allowed me to 'know' that I am much more than a body. "I" was able to transcend the experience and throw my consciousness someplace else. It allowed me to opportunity to experience transcendence in a way that not available in books or conversations. For that...I am immensely grateful. 

Mental force is a great tool to decide to not focus on what 'could' have happened, what 'might' have occurred and so on. It takes mental discipline and an internal understanding that the way you feel about a particular situation, person or 'fill-in-the-blank' will change as your heart lightens and you let love come through. 

I have found that by doing anything creative, you have to deal with your feelings on a daily basis. When I was unsure about a physical ailment for months, I did let those feelings of anxiety and fear interrupt my creative flow for a while because I lost sight that I am the one in control of the way I can choose to think about my life experiences. 

If you want un-interrupted creative flow in your own life, I have to say that from my own experiences, getting a handle on your feelings about your past, your present and what you project about the future is paramount to creating anything. 

Your life. Your art. Your relationships...all of it. 

Towards the end of yesterday's wisdom, I found this gem...


When you sort through the information your feelings are offering and deal with any unresolved hurts and issues, your mind may attain the ballast of peace it needs to advance your purposes without the inner turmoil and impaired clarity that can cloud your thoughts and weaken resolve and results.

That 'ballast of peace' is important to moving forward and claiming your spot in the world with the joy of creating the life you can dream of. 

But to do have to understand and work with your feelings regarding your experiences. Understand that they can change...and watch your world open up to all that is positive and life affirming. 


If you are interested in Terah's Book of Days books...go to her website at

Why I love masking tape in my studio...

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I don't know what I would do without masking tape!

I don't know what I would do without masking tape!

Welcome to my 'newish' website! I have been using Squarespace and I LOVE it for my site, but they changed platforms last week, and I changed my template and decided to upgrade and get a logo along with the new template. 

So...long story short. The logo that I bought from an Etsy designer just didn't feel like what I was trying to convey after I sat with it for a few days, (not her fault since I was not very clear in my own mind). And I realized that it was really an opportunity for me to journey inward, and ferret out for myself how to visually portray online and in my packaging my own evolution as a jeweler. It was so much fun! I may tweak this a little in the next few weeks, but I really like the metal colors (silver, copper and brass) and the ancient looking design in the corner. I use a lot of circles in my work and thought this swirly, Chakra-inspired symbol was a nice representation about what I write about here, both about jewelry and the inner processes we all have regarding creating our lives. 



There is no way I could make all the texture marks I do on metal without masking tape. One of my favorite ways to use it is to tape down my work on my bench block and hammer away. This is great for doing fine stamping work or using screen and a chasing hammer to 'press' the texture in also.

Another fantastic use I have recently discovered is for making ring shank templates...

I have been making a lot of 'Dead Simple' rings lately, and getting the right measurement of the shank is time consuming, even when using the measuring system on any standard ring mandrel. 

So...I decided to make it easy on myself; I make a ring shank out of masking tape that is approximately the width I want to use for the ring. 

Then I take the tape and wrap it around the ring mandrel to measure the right size, cut it and label it so that when I make another ring in that size, all I have to do is hammer or saw out the metal, and make sure the length matches my template. 

I keep all of these little tape sizers in a container on my bench and it is easy-peasy to make rings with the assurance I am going to cut or hammer out the metal to the correct size based on the ring size the customer wants. 

So much easier! 

And how do I clean all that hammered tape residue off of my bench block?

Straight razors!

Be very careful, but the gunk scrapes right off!

On an exciting note...

Shayne and I are settling in great in our new digs...and my business has kept me really busy making jewelry and shipping it out. 

I am very grateful...and hope that these little tips are helpful for you if you are embarking on your own jewelry making journey!

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Passion, Purpose and People...What Depression Taught Me.

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I made these Carnelian earrings for remind me about passion and the energy it brings with it.

I made these Carnelian earrings for remind me about passion and the energy it brings with it.

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the feelings associated with depression.

I've had a couple of periods in my life where I've experienced extended periods of feeling low. I think most people have, and I went to see a therapist about mine years ago before I became serious about making jewelry.  I felt like I needed some professional help dealing with a particularly difficult passage in my life, and am so grateful I did.

My friend asked me what I did to overcome my feelings associated with the different levels of depression, and the conversation prompted me to think about what I could share regarding what worked for me to get to the other side of those every day feelings that prevented me from living life as fully as possible.

As I sit here writing this, there are three things that jump out at me that helped me more than anything, and all three were up to me to ultimately figure out how to implement in my life. 

Passion, purpose and sharing what I learned with other people were instrumental for me at that time, and continue to be.

Passion led me to what I discovered to be my purpose, and sharing what I learn about myself on a spiritual level with other people helps me to feel fulfilled, valuable and happy.

I really lucked out when I made my first appointment with my therapist, because I felt like I had an instant connection with her as soon as we began discussing my issues.

One issue that I had trouble with that she was able to help me immediately with was regarding my passion. 

I love that quote by Oprah about passion and energy, and how passion gives you energy. I know it does for me.

Living your life without engaging in something you are passionate about drains your inner energy battery in tiny, incremental ways. 

I felt like something was missing from my life for years...and after a long time, I was just drained emotionally.  I was short tempered, tended to look at the negatives in life, and got physically sick a lot.

When a car's battery is doesn't want to go and the lights get dimmer and dimmer. 

My therapist told me to watch what I did with my time when I didn't have to do anything, and to follow that spark or passion on a daily basis as far as I could.  

So I did.

There was one thing that I enjoyed doing when my have-to-do's were done, and that was beading.  I never in a million years thought that my hobby would be the key to my overall well-being that it turned out to ultimately be. 

With my therapist's gentle help, I began excavating my childhood for clues about what I used to be passionate about. Before I had to worry about feeding and clothing myself...when I had time to just explore and discover what I fell in love with. 

I was passionate about telephone wire and making things with it to give away to others. I loved to hang out with my friends, using our imagination to build things and I loved art in all forms. 

I was a heavy reader and writer too...I loved to learn what others thought about life and expression.  Reading a book is reading someone else's mind. As a kid, this was super cool. 

I loved journals and writing. I kept a journal as a teenager and young adult, and it helped me figure out what I thought about the experiences I had while growing up.

None of my interests had changed, I just wasn't actively involved with them anymore.

My passions eventually led me to my purpose. 

When I started down this road of self discovery, I had no idea how it would turn out.

And that is ok. 

You don't have to have your whole life mapped out. Once you start acknowledging and working with what makes your own lights turn on...your life expands in ways often unimaginable at the time.

I didn't know that I would eventually be writing tutorials for other people to follow to make their own jewelry out of metal and wire.

I didn't know that I would meet people that would become lifelong friends that were interested in using their imagination make art jewelry, to paint beautiful paintings, take breathtaking photographs or write stories that would touch me in surprising ways.

That would open my heart up and allow me to expand in ways unimaginable at the time. 

Passion isn't just for the bedroom when you grow up.   

Why do so many of us leave our personal passions back in our childhood, forgetting that all that energy that children naturally have comes from passion. 

Danielle LaPorte has written a book that is a great tool for discovering what your own desires are for the life you want to live. Desire Mapping is my go-to for inner excavation regarding what I am most passionate about, what I currently desire and where I want to take my life.

I truly believe that your passions will lead you to your purpose, and to a more fulfilled way of being in the world. 

I am so grateful for the help I received from my therapist that led me back to myself, to my passions and for helping me find my purpose.  


Why Character Matters

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Character is important to me. 

I found this quote this morning and immediately thought of this photo that I took a few years ago, but didn't know what to do with it. 

Sometimes, you see something and it clicks, but you aren't sure why.

I've learned over the years to collect those things that grab our attention, even if we don't know why or can't fathom why we must in that moment, but that's another post. 

Character is a big reason why I make handmade jewelry. It's a way for me to understand myself, my community and the world, and to put those understandings in action.

When I was living in Singapore, one of the things that deeply bothered me was the in-your-face-all-of-the-time mass produced whatever that was constant. Singapore, in large part, is a long series of air-conditioned malls. 

Except for Little India. We hung out in Little India because the place had character and patina. There was an authenticity there that I craved after all that exposure to the shadow world of commercialism. 

I was in the studio yesterday, working on the next Step by Step Wire magazine tutorial that has to be submitted in two weeks. And I was devoid of ideas.

This happens to me when I have something brewing under the surface that needs to be expressed. My creativity gets blocked until I get it out, and this is in large part why I write. 

Sometimes I write to myself, privately, or I show up here to help with my creative flow process and to share what's going on, hopeful that in my sharing, something new might be discovered by me or you. 

I watched Kevin Costner's movie, Draft Day, a few days ago with Shayne. The story revolves around a football team's General Manager and what his gut feeling says about potential NFL contenders' character. He weights character heavy in his picks. The movie is about what repercussions can occur when you don't weigh a person's character in hiring or in life.

But even more importantly, the way other people try to persuade you not to consider it at all if money is on the table. 

Our culture used to value a person's character. Now, I feel that collectively, we don't. 

The repercussions of not weighing a person's character are being felt in very painful ways all over the world.

Politics, education, health has all become a game to wrangle out as much money from someone as the law allows. Or even if the law doesn't allow it, people are doing dishonest things anyway, with no personal repercussions for their actions. 

Those that are responsible for enforcing the laws, don't anymore, if the cost is too high.

Their actions are harming our society, and often, people that had nothing to do with the reprehensible actions themselves, are being hurt personally. 

There comes a time when one makes a decision to support it, or not. 

There are many ways to make a difference...and to turn the tide. One way is to not support someone with shitty character with your money. This goes for individuals, small businesses and corporations that act without regard to character.

Another is to weigh personal character heavily in your daily life, on a deep-down personal level.

Taking personal control is to continue to concentrate on yourself, by developing more character; or in others, by saying something or making sure there is an uncomfortable consequence when you see a child or adult acting without personal character.

An important consideration, the most important to my mind, is to define for yourself what character is...and what it looks like in action. 

It's something that I am doing for myself...questioning my actions, my thoughts and my value system. It's a journey, for sure...but one that is important if you are concerned about changing the world to be a better place, filled with more kindness and consideration for others and taking a long view about what impact you want to make on the world with your own definition of character.

Tree wisdom...again, is showing up for me in all sorts of interesting and creative ways. 


Finding my Balance

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I took this photo last weekend while I was drinking a coffee near our home.  I think I was attracted to this flower because of the contrast between it and the surrounding leaves as it unfurled. 

I took this photo last weekend while I was drinking a coffee near our home.  I think I was attracted to this flower because of the contrast between it and the surrounding leaves as it unfurled. 

This week has been about finding my equilibrium.

On Monday, I went into my new studio and learned how to turn the big mixed gas torches on, assessed how I wanted to set up my work area, and visited with a kind and generous studio mate. 

Then I went home and haven't returned since.

Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with errands related to the transition we just moved through, and Thursday and Friday were filled with back to back episodes of Parenthood, hot tea and a lot of not doing much.

I've been bone tired all week, feeling out of sorts and not quite grounded in my new environment. 

I feel compelled to write about Balance, as it has shown up in various ways for me all week. 

Shayne picked up the book, Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires, by Dr.  Wayne W. Dyer about a year ago.

I started it reading it on Wednesday, and have been so impressed with the actionable things to do to bring about my desires into actuality, that it hasn't been far out of my reach. There is so much to this little book...really, I think it is one of Dr. Dyer's best books ever.

And a few weeks ago, I made a doTERRA order for oils, and they were delivered yesterday. One of the oils in the pack was Balance™, a mixed-oil blend that has proven to be quite enjoyable as another tool to use for building awareness of the importance of Balance and Grounding.

I had an interesting conversation also with my friend Terah, about the process of Balancing. Like a tightrope walker, one must constantly adjust themselves with tiny movements this way or that, swaying back and continue to live with Balance.

I think that is means one must be flexible and in the moment. It means, for me, listening to my body and resting it when I am tired...or getting up and exercising when I feel like it. 

Being in Balance is a moment to moment response to what you feel compelled to do, or not do. 

Sometimes to be in simply must BE.

Today, Shayne and I are traveling to Waynesville where we will be learning more about how to plant a sustainable garden like the Cherokee did before the Europeans came to this country. From what I have read, it was all about Balance for them as well...




I'm a doTERRA Wellness Advocate!

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A few days before Shayne and I moved to Asheville, I met up with a friend of mine that has been involved with doTERRA Essential Oils for a while now. 

I've been using essential oils off and on for the last couple of years for mostly home fragrance purposes. I've always liked incense and candles, so adding essential oils to my home fragrance collection was no big deal.  I started out with those ceramic lamp bulb discs, but soon realized that the smell didn't last very long and from what I found out, when you heat up oils they lose their potency. 

Not knowing what to do instead, and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there about how to use them, my usage began to dwindle.

Last Christmas, Mom came up to Fayetteville for a few days, and while we were out shopping at a local natural health/food store, she found an ultrasonic diffuser.  She bought it, and in the excitement of her find, I bought one too.  She told me that these gizmo's don't heat the oil, and you can disperse any oils you want to and they will easily fragrance a whole room. You just add water and a few drops of your favorite oil, turn it on and you're in business. It can make your room smell like a spa!

Around this time, Shayne was in the middle of a big project and was working some pretty long and hard hours. I would diffuse Peppermint in his room, and it was very helpful to him for maintaining his focus and it also had a an uplifting and energetic effect for him too.  After a few weeks, he always had the diffuser in his room, and he would experiment with different oils that I would find depending on what frame of mind he wanted to cultivate. 

Well, fast forward to my recent medical procedure. Before I had the surgery, I started researching the therapeutic qualities of essential oils. I started using Lavender oil in my bath, as well as Tea Tree oil for their antiseptic qualities, as well as the calming effect of their smell.

I was pretty nervous about my surgery, and knowing that my healing was going to take a long time due to the nature of the procedure, I was concerned about making sure I didn't expose my surgical site to any unwanted bacteria. 

I was really impressed with how the oils helped in my own healing after my surgery on a physical, as well as mental/emotional level too.

When I was 12, I was fitted with contact lenses for the first time. My eye doctor put them in my eyes, and I saw what I looked like for the first time without glasses. My eye doctor wore a specific cologne that even today, if I get around a man that has it on, I am immediately transported to that pivotal moment in my life. 

I've always known our sense is smell is powerful. But how do I consciously use that information to help me in my daily life?

Well, I've decided to literally spend my time and money on finding out more about aromatherapy and how to use essential oils in my life everyday. 

I bought a Family Physician® kit from my friend a couple of weeks ago, and will be using the oils as much as I can to learn more about them and what their effects are on me and Shayne.

I've already seen great benefits from the Deep Blue® oil that came in kit that has helped with a muscle strain I've been plagued with for the last 3 weeks. I put a few drops of Deep Blue® along with some Coconut oil on my calf on Sunday, and wrapped it up. I was able to do a mild 2-mile hike with Shayne (using a hiking stick for support) and felt a big difference that night. As of today (Tuesday), I am still ambulatory without a noticeable limp.

It smelled really great, not too strong like a lot of those muscle treatment products do, and when I was done with the hike and on my way home, I unwrapped the Ace wrap and put it on the dashboard of our car with the air conditioner on. 

It made the car smell really fresh! 

I will be sharing what I learn about essential oil usage here on my website. 

As of right now, I am a bit leery about ingesting any essential oils. I don't know how I feel about doing that as of yet without some more personal research about it. But using it in my diffuser, a few drops in my bath,  as well as topically with a carrier oil (I like coconut oil), has been working really well. 

I signed up as a Wellness Advocate, which means if you are interested in trying out any of the doTERRA oils  and/or wellness products, feel free to shop right from my online store that is linked up at the top of my website. I receive a percentage on the sale, which I will be using to buy more oils.

doTERRA allows you to buy at retail if you don't want to mess with selling it yourself or signing people up, or you can sign up as a Wellness Advocate like I am if you want to explore that option.  

I'm really excited about using doTERRA's products for our own wellness goals...and this will give me something else to share with you if you are interested in this type of thing...

I like the quality of these oils compared to some other ones that I've tried. I put one drop of Frankincense oil in my diffuser today and was astonished at how strong it is...I had to shut it off after about 15 minutes!

As always...


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.